COLECCION de Espana by OPI

I hope you have passion, because I do and so does OPI...Passion will be wore on the hands of millions of Queens across the world with the new 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection by OPI, Espana. Espana is the must the try collection in 2009 for the passionate ones.The collection is designed with dramatic palettes, as an accessory for the polished fashion trends this fall.

Fierce, dramatic are the words that come to my mind when I think about the Espana collection.

Which passion will you wear this Autumn?

ALERT! Need New Cosmetic Bag Asap!

Around this time of year, I am cleaning, organizing and removing all unwanted items from my room and closest for the new season. Cleaning and organizing space is a passion for me, for some reason...? So, one item I am dying to replace AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is my cosmetic bag. Its been around for some time now, since the days of glittering stars on my cheeks in the sixth grade to the liquid eye-liner for cat eyes now. The time has come, and the time is now...My cosmetic bag will be history as of Friday, September 11th 2009.

My ideal cosmetic bag is medium size with spacers and different compartments, sassy, sexy & classy. Here are some that fit the description:

The Japonesque Medium Train case opens to reveal multiple trays. $68.00 @

Purple Paisley by Ulta $16.50 @
JK Jemma Kidd Design Essential Beauty Bag $18.00 @

Sonia Kashuk Stripe Large Train Case $14.99 @

Tory Burch Small Cosmetic Case Nylon Zebra $55.00 @

Already have a cosmetic bag?
Try the Makeup Organization Tray $40.00 @

While You Shine, I Will Support...

A man that supports your dreams & stands in the background while you stand bold in your spotlight moment is a GOOD man.

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Designer:Peggy Guggenheim's Venice

Shape-Up the Skechers Way!

Skechers Corpartion takes the next step to introduce the new style of fitness footwear. And, I must say, I think the new fitness footwear is fashionable, yet benefical. I plan to purchase a pair of the Shape- Ups, so that I can run errands while maintaining my fitness fashsionablely.

Skechers conducted a 6 weeks case trial testing on the benefits of Shape-Ups with several particiapants, who wore the Shape-Ups during their regular daily activities, along with a walking program and their usual diet and excerise regimen. Listed below are so interesting results:

  • an average weight loss by our participants of 3.25 pounds
  • an overall average improvement of body composition (reduction of body fat) of 1.125%
  • an average improvement of glutei strength by 41%
  • an average improvement of low back endurance by 37%

Visit Skechers to learn more about the benefits of Shape-Ups!