Shades of Sass for the Sunshine

For some reason, sunglasses seem to add a splash of sexiness to your overall look; whether you are wearing heels and a skirt, or, just simply wearing yoga pants and a racer back tank top. Sunglasses have the ability to make you look like a very important person, in which Queens, you are! What I love most about sunglasses is the protection they provide against the scolding hot sun. Ultraviolet lights are invisble rays from the sun that can be dangerous to your health. There are three types of ultraviolet lights: UV,UVB & UVC .UVB is the ray of sun that burns the skin and damages the eye. So, please ensure that your fabulous eyewear has UVB lens. Also, sunglasses give you the option of people watching without them seeing you scoping.

I want some vintage style sunglasses, and I know just the right place...

If you are planning to shop for new shades, remember, the key to sunglasses is the FIT! Make sure the sunglasses of your choice frame your face and compliment your wonderful features!

P.S. I do not like this style of sunglasses. Do you?

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