It's A Official!

Two days ago, I received my legal document to travel aboard, my passport! Yes! Now, I know some of you are saying, "Wow, she's late, I've been there and done that". I know, better late than never. The opportunities of traveling the world psychically and experiencing culture, fashion, beauty and Queens of all walks of life is endless. I am so excited! Actually, a few hours before I received my passport in the mail, I was discussing with a friend about how I can't wait to travel around the world in the future and go to London asap! A couple of my friends, who has traveled to London in the past, return home and express an urgency to visit London. So, I am and I will.

My list of U.S. cities to visit is coming along well and my international list will be created, scheduled, explored and checked off, PERIOD! No questions asked...

Although, there are no plans yet, to travel abound to experience life, culture, fashion, beauty and diversity. I will continue to explore through the World-Wide Web...

Check out some AMAZING fashion photography @
The Sartorialist!

SYDNEY, 2009

PARIS, 2009

PARIS, 2009

MOSCOW, 2009

MILANO, 2009

Southern Belles: Louisville

'' All the single ladies..." Yep, this one is for us... Move over Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County and New York and show some SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY to the newest reality show, Southern BELLES: Louisville!

My hometown is the map! Yay!For Kentucky.
I am counting down the minutes until SOAPnet premieres the newest reality show on the market. Finally, Louisville,KY has gained the respect to join the list of states, who are recognized as the host city of an reality show. Southern Belles: Louisville will share the lives of 5 fabulous, sexy and single women between the ages of 24-34, who balance career, family, friends and love the southern style way.

Tune in tonight! May 21 @ 10pm EST/9pm CST
I hope the show isn't bootleg...

Lady Michelle O! Period. No Questions Asked...

Lady Michelle O, is AMAZING! She is my inspiration!

The Fit, The Comfort , The Swimsuit Dilemma

Summertime is near and I am in the process of finding the perfect fitting swimsuit. Year...after year...swimsuit...after swimsuit... I never felt 110% comfortable in my swim wear. Why? Well, it's all about the FIT, PERIOD! One of my rules in fashion is that if the shoe fits wear it--meaning if the fit, fits PERFECT wear it with no questions asked. But, when it comes to selecting swimwear I do ask A LOT of questions. When shopping for swimwear, my issue is that I can find bottoms to fit, but not a top that will give the coverage and support I need. When I try on swimsuit tops I am always frustrated, because 1.) the large size tops are still too small 2.) I don't have enough support--sagging is not cute, and 3.) It seems like there isn't really any sexy swimwear for heavier bust women, just the bra style tops in black and cream! Huh, NO!

After doing some research, I stumbled across a video from Glamour Magazine that offer some helpful tips on selecting swimwear that best compliments the different body shapes. From pear shape, to plus size, to heavy bust and more Glamour's Executive Fashion Editor, Suze Yalof Schwartz will share the secrets to finding the sexy, complimenting swimsuits we so desire.

I hope you find the video helpful, I did. Enjoy!

Brazilian Waxes, Are They The New Razors?

Queens, its that time of year again...The time when body hair removal is a MUST! Throughout the winter months, I would sometime skip my shaves...legs, that is...But now that summer is almost here and my swimsuit is still calling my name at the store and my shorts are anxiously waiting to be worn, shavers are a MAJOR NECESSITY! However, two things that really irritate me about shaving with razors are skin nicks and RAZOR BUMPS! Razor bumps are so not cute. Shaving with razors creates folliculitis that are inflammation of hair follicles that appear as an eruption of skin surrounding hair or pores; resulting into annoying red bumps, or pus like bumps. Ewww!

So, why not
trade the razors for waxes, a BRAZILIAN WAX!? For some of those, who are unfamiliar of what a Brazilian wax is, three words--NO HAIR, WHATSOEVER! All the hair is removed from your genitals to your buttock area only leaving a strip of hair in the front. Can someone say painful? Not only can the wax be painful, but there are some health concerns. Since, the Brazilian waxing is removing hair from an area with a lot of bacteria; there are possibilities of infections. If you are considering a Brazilian wax, please speak with with your spa technician about:
  1. If the wax has been reused.
  2. Treatment for negative reaction from the wax.
  3. If the spa technician has a valid cosmetology license, if not, RUN asap!
Recently, there were two women hospitalized in New Jersey after getting a Brazilian wax, so, be safe if you do.

Enjoy, the bareness!

Racist Intrepration or Fierce Fashion Photography?

Although, I would be a little frighten by the mass and muscle of the Mandingo Warriors; I wouldn't mind trading places with Gisele Bundchen and I'm sure plenty of other women would agree--Whew! Where is my fan!?Besides, the eye candy of the Mandingo Warriors shown in the fashion photography, do you think there is a racial interpretation between African- American males and Caucasian women? Personally, I do not discriminate against love and see no problem with interracial dating and marriage, as long as both individuals truly and deeply love each other. However, I do have a problem with African American men being portrayed only as hustling sexual icons. I mean...Yes, women are attracted to men sexually, but let's not forget about the intelligence, the drive, the motivation and strength to succeed in life. After researching this photo shoot spread, it seems as if some people felt the photo spread intrepreted racial stereotypes of African- American men dating Caucasian women.
What do you think?
Racial interpretation? Or, fierce fashion photography?

Photographer: Solve Sundsbo

Check out the comments on Racialicious

Fashion Legacy: Valentino's Zootsuit Collection

Do you love vintage clothing and accessories? I do, because vintage inspires my personal style and ideas. I love to stroll in and out of vintage stores, trying on clothing pieces and accessories. Often times, I transform into different characters, as if I lived during the time period when the garment or accessory was worn. During, the 1920's Flaggers and Zoot-Suits were considered the Liberation of Fashion. Today and always, fashion is a repeating cycle from the past. For an example, now, young women are wearing trendy hair accessories inspired by the 1920's such as, the feather hand-bands and elastic flower bands on their hair.

Check out the Best Vintage Store in Sin City-
Valentino's Zootsuit Collection.

Honor Thy Mother...

Women Work
By: Maya Angelou

I've got the children to tend
The clothes to mend
The floor to mop
The food to shop
Then the chicken to fry
The baby to dry
I got company to fee
The garden to weed
I've got shirts to press
The tots to dress
The can to be cut
I gotta clean up this hut
Then see about the sick
And the cotton to pick...
(Click here for entire poem)

Tina, Beyonce, Solange & Daniel

First Lady, Michelle O, Malia, & Sasha

Tasha White with Mom

Kimora Lee, Ming Lee, & Akoi Lee

Malinda Williams & mother Beverly

Jada Pinkett-Smith & Family

Halle Berry and daugther Nahla

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and twin sons Jax & Jaid

Nicole Murphy and Kids

Happy Mother's Day, to all the honorable QUEENS!

The Sage Continues, First Lady Michelle Obama wears Lanvin Sneakers

First Lady, Michelle Obama does it once again, without showing any intentions of giving in, to the black & white plain Jane style that majority of First Ladies in the past have worn. Once, First Lady, Michelle O has appeared on the scene, she has committed to her personal style; style of humbleness and professionalism, yet, fresh, fun and couture. Personally, I admire First Lady Michelle for keeping it real with her style and not trying to be conservative and boring, just because she is the First Lady. First Lady is definitely an inspiration to not only me, but thousands of Queens around the world. She exemplifies what a superwoman is...

Since, Michelle Obama has became the First Lady of the United States, she has given the media a run for their money, and caused fashion designers to broaden their design creations, to fit a more fuller and curvy lady. Lanvin, one of the hottest french designer labels, where blessed to have the opportunity for First Lady to wear a pair of their suede and metallic sneakers;costing a nice buck of $540.00. On Wednesday, April 29th, Michelle was spotted with the sneakers on in Washington D.C. at a food bank.

If you love French designers, check out the website for Lanvin.

Style Around the World: Street Style in Barcelona

Successfully, operating in 34 countries and over 73, 000 employees, H & M's philosophy is fulfilled, by providing the consumer fashion and quality at the BEST price--now, that's my cup of tea! I admire apparel companies, who deliver QUALITY to their customers for an affordable price.

Although, the cash is a little tight, I was able to make a recent purchase at H&M, buying a pair of hi-wasted white linen pants that I absolutely love. The fit was perfect and the feel was free, which created a comfortable, laid-back sexy look just me.

Greatly, since, H&M tailors to the fashion needs of individuals world-wide, check-out how Barcelona wears and appreciates the H&M brand.

Queen Tahj's Style: Vanity Essentials

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Vanity Essentials

Royal Highness: The Mode Queen

who: LeToya Luckett
where: Honey Magazine
hobbies: Managing her boutique, Lady Elle
next project: Unveiling her own lip gloss line

Snippet from interview @ Honey Magazine

Honey: People have been comparing female R&B artists all over the blogs lately-- like Beyonce and Ciare, Rhinanna versus Keri Hilson. How do you manage to stay in your own lane?
LL:I think that there’s always going to be comparisons. All you can try to do is create your own thing. We’re women, so we all have a lot in common. We can only talk about a couple of things: love, relationships, how he did me wrong, he did me right, or I love him. A lot of us are sisters, but people are going to talk. You can’t control that.
Honey: How would you describe your personal style and the look that you're going for with this album?
I think that I just go with whatever fits good and how I feel at the moment. I love pencil leg jeans — that’s always been my thing.