A Tribute to The King of Pop: MJ

After reading about 20 facebook status updates on my phone about Micheal Jackson passing and walking in the door to my Dad saying "Did you hear the news?" I jumped to the nearest flat screen and tuned into CNN. Although, I was in disbelief, while hearing the news from facebook, the radio and family, CNN was my only trusted source. It was true, the King of Pop had taken his last breath of his life.

Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's, Micheal Jackson was the jig in my high-watered pants , the twitching of my hands, the bruises on my tip-toes, and the squeaking of my gym shoes, while attempting to do the moon-walk. From the hit jams Billie Jean, Thriller, Pretty Young Thang, Bad, Beat it, The Way You Make Me Feel, Scream, Rock With You & Butterflies, MJ has inspired so many music artists and touched millions for people across the world with his passion for music.

My deepest condolences goes out to his friends and family,MJ will be greatly missed.

As I reflect on the life of The King of POP,MJ, all the songs I adored began to play in my mind. Especially two of my most favorite songs and I wanted to share them with you. Not only are they songs, but songs with a powerful meaning...One, celebrating the diversity of culture around the world, without discriminating and two, the ability to make a difference in the world, starting with the person stirring at you in the mirror, YOURSELF!

Enjoy, the brilliance and legacy of the King of Pop, Micheal JACKSON (1958-2009)

Black or White

Man in the Mirror

Express Weekend, Blogging While Brown in Chicago!

What a busy weekend! I just returned from Chicago after attending the 2nd annual Blogging while Brown conference in downtown Chicago. Thanks to AT&T, I was awarded a scholarship to attend the conference with one of my dear friends from college, who is the AMAZING writer of the blogspot BlankBareClean.

The conference was planned to bring people of color together, who shared one common interest, BLOGGING! Yes, bloggers also have conferences too...About 50 individuals packed a conference room, bringing along their laptops and sons & daugthers (their blogs) to share & gain the wealth of knowledge. Amongst the discussion panelist were Hajj E. Flemings, founder of Brand Camp University, Milt Haynes, founder of Blacks Gone Geek, Angel Laws, creator & editor on popular on-line entertainment blog and Cheryl Contee, partner and co-founder of a social media firm, just to name a few.

Visit Bloggingwhilebrown.com to read more about the speakers and blogger attendees.

Overall, I had a wonderful weekend in Chicago, while enjoying the sunshine, reuniting with my college friends "the crew", networking, gaining knowledge, and celebrating blogging with other inspiring and talented bloggers.

Check Queen Tahj out in the photo, can you see me?

Lusicous Lips, Cancer Free!

You are wearing the hottest sunglasses, the skin is radiant and glowing, the outfit is complimenting to your figure, and the much needed and deserving manicure & pedicure is fresh. You hop in the car driving 80 down the freeway, with the anticipation of meeting your Boo for lunch. You arrive, step out the car to meet your Boo and greet him with a kiss...Once you move in for the kiss, your Boo stops and yells, "DANG BABY, WHY YO LIPS LOOK LIKE THAT?!" HUH?

Your Boo is alarmed by the lesions (blisters) on your lips, which is squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common skin cancer in the U.S.; due to the fact that you failed to apply sunscreen.
When it comes to applying sunscreen to your skin, the lips should not be overlooked. Chronic sunlight, exposed to your skin and lips unprotected is a major environmental risk factor. Squamous cell carcinoma cancer, can be treated by excision and Mohn surgery;however, the skin cancer is preventable by applying a lip balm with SPF 15.

So, Queens, when you are applying the latest lip line from Chanel, L'Oreal, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Cover Girl and Maybelline, don't forget the 2 dollas and forty-nine cents SPF 15 sunscreen lip balm.

Luscious Lips, dry-skin free...
Luscious Lips, peeling free...
Luscious Lips, CANCER FREE!

Smooches to Luscious, Healthy Lips!

Queen Tahj's Style: Surprise Birthday Dinner

The gift of LIFE is awesome...This past weekend, I had the chance to celebrate and welcome another year of prosperity with my friend, for their 25th birthday.

Celebrating LIFE

Throwback Inspiration: Unpretty by TLC

SELF WORTH: the ability to recognize the beauty, the strength, the respect, the courage, the self-esteem, the gift,the power and the value of ones self.

SELF LOVE is worth more than silver & gold...You are wonderfully made. Be Beautiful in your own unique way...You are somebody!