Time is Ticking...watch ME SUCCEED!

for the Chic n' Classic- La Mar Collection $118

 for the Poised n' Pleasant- Baby G $160

 for the Sporty Boss Ladies- Adidas $65

 for the Calm n' Wiz O's- Freestyle $55

 for the Sassy n' Polished- Coach $258

Nostaglic Inspiration: Diana Ross & The Supremes

 "Stop! In the name of love"
"Before you break my heart"
"Stop! In the name of love"
"Before you break my heart"
"Think it over"
"Think it over.."

When I hear the songs of Diana Ross & The Supremes, instantly I transform into the the third back up singer or the re-invented Diana Ross, as if I was a shining Motown star. And to be honest, the soulful pop lyrics sung by The Supremes and other Motown hit artists, is what I call real music--legendary music!

Diana Ross and The Supremes were considered an overnight success story during the late 50's. The graceful original members were Diana Ross, the lead singer, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard, who met in Detroit's Brewters housing projects. From there, the group was destined for success in music show biz, with five consecutive number one hits on the chart from 1964-1965 (also including "Baby Love," "Stop! In the Name of Love," "Come See About Me," and "Back in My Arms Again").

One thing about me, I do not buy music CDs. Why? Not sure. I guess I can just borrow from die heart buyers. However, only under one circumstance will I buy a CD and that's if its considered ol' skool, legendary music, that's REAL MUSIC and not all this new stuff, called music like " LOL, smile face", "5 star chick" and etc. So, with that being mentioned, I appreciate Motown, Doo Wop, Rock n' Roll, Funk & Energetic 80's music. Not only the music do I love and appreciate, but the FASHION!

Holiday Cheers from Queen Tahj!

To all my beautiful, fierce, fearless, and fabulous Queens! Queen Tahj is wishing you and your family a wonderful and joyous CHRISTmas! Enjoy this holiday season with PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY & FLYNESS. Keep this in mind, you are wonderfully made, be the Queen you deserve to be and take NOTHING LESS! Self LOVE is the best gift you can give to yourself.

 Fa, La, La, La, LA!

Beauty Inside & Out-:A most.

Queens, as we are celebrating the beauty of the holidays with friends, family and delicious food. Let's not forget to celebrate our inner beauty- which is most importantly, manners #1. You can't wear a fly outfit with the hottest gear on with your fresh hairstyle and manicure, with a spoiled attitude.
Celebrate YOU and your UNIQUENESS! I am.

Royal Highness: Doctor Stiletto Queen

Podiatrist, professional gymnast for over 13 years, fitness expert and stiletto lover...

who: Dr. Emily Splichal aka "Dr. Legs"
what: Founder & lead instructor for the fitness series Catwalk Confidence & Stiletto Recovery
when: shuzsociety.com
next project: expanding her business to international markets

Read Snippet from Interview with shuzsociety.com column
shuzsociety: What/who inspired you to create the Catwalk Confidence business?
Dr. Emily: Catwalk Confidence is my way of combining both of my passions – fitness and podiatry. After 8 years in fitness, I started to develop my own training style and question the current trend in fitness training. I noticed a need for a workout that would re-educate women (and men) on proper posture and body alignment, improve balance and stability, and bring an awareness to the way we carry ourselves and walk. All the exercises of Catwalk Confidence specifically target muscles that are needed for posture, balance and gait with a special emphasis in the role the foot plays in stability and health.

shuzsociety: What feature would you like to see added to women shoes to support healthy feet?
Dr. Emily: Custom orthotics! Every foot is very unique and because of the position the high heels put the foot in – if we could reduce the pressure that is placed on the ball of the foot and limit pain specific to each foot type! The gel inserts for ball of the foot are great but they are just cushioning not really addressing the problem of forefoot pain in heels!

Queens! Let's take care of our feet, please!

5 Tips, For Runway Hips in Heels!

Get or Improve your sexy runway walk for 2010.
Remember: Walk with balance, confidence, and direction!

See more videos on modelinia.com

Holiday Picks @ H&M

A few cool picks from the Holiday Collection @ H&M

H&M Look Book
I created this Look Book at hm.com from my favourite holiday fashions. Visit hm.com to see even more, or create your own!

Campbell Positivity!

There are so many things to be THANKFUL for during this holiday season!
Be Joyous! Sing, Dance, Shout, Laugh you have a reason to...

...Oh, and like Naomi Campbell said in her diaries, " With the good and the bad, no one has it ALL together, so let's not pretend.


Royal Highness: The Flawless Queen

who: Amerie 
what: Chatting about new relationship album with Honey Mag 
when: 11.23.2009 
next project: Focusing on herself, doing her.

Snippets from the Interview with Honey Magazine

HM:So I want to talk about the album, In Love & War. What is it all about?
Amerie: It’s pretty much about the ups and downs in a relationship. Not so much the ups, but it’s more about the downs of the relationship or coming to the other side after going through trials and tribulations. It’s definitely a less idealized viewpoint of relationships — just the things that we go through to grow as individuals, being individuals and being in a relationship and what that means.

HM:Did that change how you approach relationships?
Amerie: Yes, because of something that my Dad always told me a long time ago. A guy is always going to show you his cards. Whether you choose to look at those cards for what they are or whether you just choose to act like you don’t’ see them, a man will always show you his cards. So don’t act surprised later when something happens, because you saw it already in the beginning and you chose not to heed that. And that is really true. So how did that change me? I didn’t hang around and try and figure a guy out a million different ways, like maybe this or maybe he was sick or maybe he just whatever. It’s like, it is what it is. We’ve got to start wasting time and energy on a situation when there’s nothing to figure out. And we tend to do that all the time. We’re so good at that.

Alittle Bit of Brow Talk

Brows are such a powerful weapon for the face structure. Brows are like the frame of a picture, they always seal the face structure and always visible, front in center for everyone to see. When I decide to allow my brows to be free,bushy or go un-groomed for a while, I wonder what people are thinking in their minds. Like, "wow her eyebrows are really bushy, thick and need to be cleaned up..." But sometimes I have to let them be free and grow all over the place, due to one reason more than likely: A previous experience of allowing someone to groom my brows and they were not done correctly. I prefer a thick, full, simple shape brow, over a thin arch. Why? Thicker brows define the face more, plus I love the look of feeling beauty vintage from the 1950's and 1960's. I am in the process of learning how to correctly groom my powerful weapons (brows) right from my own bathroom. I rather mess up my own brows and deal with the annoying growth process for two months or even longer, than to have someone as mess me up. When I groom my eyebrows each morning, whether in the horrible growing back process or safistiedly perfect, I always do the following:
  • Brush brows upward and over into their defined shape pattern.
  • Apply a layer of brow gel to unruly strands of hair
  • Create more definition to the brow, by touching up with a brow shadow using an short angler brush. Magic!
Groom your own brows from home?
Here are some tips to consider.
  • Brush your brows upward and snip the tips as conservatively as possible.
  • Clear away obvious stray hairs.
  • Pluck between your brows—with restraint. They should begin just above the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Tweeze from underneath the brows to open up the arch, removing one row of hair from beginning to end.
  • Draw an imaginary line from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye: That's where your brow should end.
  • The less you do, the better off you are. A full, simple shape is most flattering.

LIFE or death

It's Halloween! The day of betraying the dark under world or pretending to be a familiar character-- wearing make-up, mask and costumes to disguise the face behind the mask. But just because its Halloween doesn't mean you have to continue to betray death after the festive celebration or remain hiding behind the mask.

You have the ability to speak life or death in your life. Choose today to speak LIFE!
Be confident about who you are, if you don't like something, change it for the good.

Fashionable Technology!

High Tech meets High Fashion...

Who would have ever thought technology could look so...well, FASHIONABLE?! Or, shall I say COUTURE. I believe everything has a face lift and the face lift to technology has come in 2009. All praises goes to the surgeons, designer Douglas Little, Dell & Bergdorf Goodman’s senior director of visual presentation, David Hoey, who teamed up to make the croc-skin, Swarovski crystal, luxe trimmings laptops a fashion reality. The collaboration between designer, mogul tech and high-end department store created a limited- edition of opulent Adamo laptop skins, which evoke a meaning “Tales of Technology".

Ultimate Temptation & The Princess and the PC are my favorites, definitely expresses my personal style. See what Little has to say about the inspirations behind the " Tales of Technology". Pretty interesting...

Ultimate Temptation

“This one’s obviously based on Eve, the apple, and the snake,” says Little about the biblically inspired Swarovski serpent. “Michael Schmidt, a costume designer who does Cher, Madonna, and Grace Jones, collaborated with me on this.”

Reshaping Technology

“This is caiman crocodile skin, which we pieced together,” says Little. “We just used its shape to make the corsetry. It’s all hand-stitched and embellished with black-diamond Swarovski crystals.”

The Princess and the PC

“The story of the Princess and the Pea is that the princess is the only one who can feel the pea underneath her mattresses, so this speaks to the idea that this is the slimmest laptop available,” Little reveals about this laser-etched mother-of-pearl design.

Divine Design

“This laptop is about chemical symbolism and the idea of the beginning and the ending; it’s about creation,” says Little. “I wanted to use a primitive concept that had a lot of historical research as the basis but also that felt like a lush brooch and very relevant to what’s currently happening in fashion.” Its accompanying window includes a trio of hoop-skirted mannequins styled after Russian nesting dolls.

Fall Fashion Inspiration: London Mode 60's

I love and appreciate everything old fashion and vintage from cars to clutches, jewelry to music records and most of all FASHION! Some of my clothing pieces are influenced from the pass, or should I say a little nostalgic. Vintage represents my personal style. So, this fall I am going to allow the London Mode 1960's look inspire me. Maybe I will try a new hair cut, with bangs.

If you are inspired by the 1960's Mode Look, visit your local stores such as Banana Republic, Gap, Zara and/or Anthropologie to capture your inspirational pieces.

And, remember, fashion is nostalgic it always seems to come back around from past to present to future.

Royal Highness: The Ashes for Beauty Queen

who: Janet Jackson
what: First Interview after MJ's Death
when: October Issue of Harper's Bazaar
next project: New album due next spring

Snippet from interview with Harper's Bazaar Magazine

...For all her quietness, Janet is acutely aware of image and the power she has, especially with young women. She is completing a book called True You, about diet and self-esteem. "It was originally about weight loss," she says. Famously up and down in weight, Janet shed 60 pounds in four months in 2006. She has been in turn envied and criticized for her figure, which has varied from girlish in Herb Ritts's 1990 "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" video to muscly (2004's infamous Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction") to bigger when she takes time out. "But I wanted it to be more about my triggers. I can be an emotional eater." Her voice lowers. "Of late, I have been doing that, yes. It started when I was very little. My brothers were gone on tour a lot, and I would miss them so much. Certain things in my life would become triggers. I wish I'd had a book like this when I was that young. People forget that everyone has things going on." And with the album, tour, book, and film coming up next year, Janet has a lot going on. "It's still important to face reality, and not that I'm running, but sometimes you just need to get away for a second." [...]

COLECCION de Espana by OPI

I hope you have passion, because I do and so does OPI...Passion will be wore on the hands of millions of Queens across the world with the new 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection by OPI, Espana. Espana is the must the try collection in 2009 for the passionate ones.The collection is designed with dramatic palettes, as an accessory for the polished fashion trends this fall.

Fierce, dramatic are the words that come to my mind when I think about the Espana collection.

Which passion will you wear this Autumn?

ALERT! Need New Cosmetic Bag Asap!

Around this time of year, I am cleaning, organizing and removing all unwanted items from my room and closest for the new season. Cleaning and organizing space is a passion for me, for some reason...? So, one item I am dying to replace AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is my cosmetic bag. Its been around for some time now, since the days of glittering stars on my cheeks in the sixth grade to the liquid eye-liner for cat eyes now. The time has come, and the time is now...My cosmetic bag will be history as of Friday, September 11th 2009.

My ideal cosmetic bag is medium size with spacers and different compartments, sassy, sexy & classy. Here are some that fit the description:

The Japonesque Medium Train case opens to reveal multiple trays. $68.00 @ Ulta.com

Purple Paisley by Ulta $16.50 @ Ulta.com
JK Jemma Kidd Design Essential Beauty Bag $18.00 @ Target.com

Sonia Kashuk Stripe Large Train Case $14.99 @ Target.com

Tory Burch Small Cosmetic Case Nylon Zebra $55.00 @ Shopstyle.com

Already have a cosmetic bag?
Try the Makeup Organization Tray $40.00 @ Sephora.com

While You Shine, I Will Support...

A man that supports your dreams & stands in the background while you stand bold in your spotlight moment is a GOOD man.

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Designer:Peggy Guggenheim's Venice

Shape-Up the Skechers Way!

Skechers Corpartion takes the next step to introduce the new style of fitness footwear. And, I must say, I think the new fitness footwear is fashionable, yet benefical. I plan to purchase a pair of the Shape- Ups, so that I can run errands while maintaining my fitness fashsionablely.

Skechers conducted a 6 weeks case trial testing on the benefits of Shape-Ups with several particiapants, who wore the Shape-Ups during their regular daily activities, along with a walking program and their usual diet and excerise regimen. Listed below are so interesting results:

  • an average weight loss by our participants of 3.25 pounds
  • an overall average improvement of body composition (reduction of body fat) of 1.125%
  • an average improvement of glutei strength by 41%
  • an average improvement of low back endurance by 37%

Visit Skechers to learn more about the benefits of Shape-Ups!

Queen Tahj's Style: Back 2 School

For two years now, I have been stress-free from 10 page papers, final exams and professors' office hours. I thoroughly enjoyed my break...until last Monday, August 17th...I freshly returned to school to complete some pre-requisites. Calculus will be my new bestfriend for 3 months, and I pray that I learn something new and receive an A! Best wishes to all the Queens obtaining KNOWLEDGE.

Back 2 School
Back 2 School by Q.TAHJ featuring GAP

Agyness Deyn as The King of Pop

British Model Agyness Deyn pays tribute to the legendary King of Pop in Harper's Bazaar!

Thriller Night

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Who's Bad?

She Says I AM The One

The King of Pop

Source: Harper's Bazaar
Photographer: Terry Richardson

With her chameleonlike traits, it's no wonder she's a designer favorite (from Burberry's Christopher Bailey to pal Henry Holland). But Deyn also has her sights set on acting, art, and, well, the world at large.

"I'm just spreading my wings at the moment," she says somewhat coyly. "I wanna try lots of different stuff." --Deyn