Vogue Italia, Black Issue Celebrates Barbie

In July 2008, Vogue Italia released one of the most inspirational publications relating to the importance of diversity in fashion ,the Black Issue, featuring seasoned models Iman, Namoi Campbell, Liya Kebede, and the fresh faced Sessilee Lopez and Jourdan Dunn.

One year later,Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief for Vogue Italia continues to celebrate the beauty of brownness and dedicates the anniversary issue, to an iconic doll that my generation has admired, loved, and played with during our adolescent years, Barbie. And, not just Barbie, but Black Barbie.

The first black doll named Francie was introduced in 1967, as a friend to Barbie, following the first "Black Barbie" doll in 1980. This fall the launch of the new black Barbie doll collection, called "So In Style" will hit the shelves. The dolls have been designed with more authentic-looking black features, including a new facial sculpt that has fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair.

Although, I am excited and grateful that the Barbie doll will now look more like me, I will still teach my children no color line and encourage them to play with all ethnicities, whether on the playground with classmates or in the living room with their dolls and toys.

Before Chanel, She Was Coco, Before Coco, Gabrielle...

On September 24th 2009, Sony Pictures will release the most anticipated movie for fashion & style lovers in the USA--Coco Before Chanel. The life behind the skinny orphan girl, who entertained drunken soldiers and then changed the face of fashion and became a timeless symbol of success, freedom & style.

The film was filmed in French in the Paris region and in Normandy. The film will be released on July 31st in the United Kingdom.

I am so excited to go see Coco Before Chanel! It's my kind of movie, the nostalgic, drama genre, classical kind. Just ask my friends.

Farewell To A Fashion Icon and Music Legend, Micheal Joe Jackson

July 7th 2009 marks the monumental event of Michael Joe Jackson's life. As millions tuned into their local news and national broadcast, we witnessed an extraordinary movement, the celebration of the life and legacy of M.J. While watching CNN news, I found myself reflecting over my life and wondering what type of legacy and impact would I leave to the world...And honestly, I feel I can do more giving, while I still have my beautiful life.

To me, Micheal Jackson will not only be a music legend, but a fashion icon.

Militant Unique


Fall 2009 Collection, Designer, Balmain

Fall 2007, Designer, Givenchy

One of my favorite vintage classics of MJ

Fall 2009 Collection, Designer, Castelbajac

May you Rest In Peace with the Heavenly Father, Michael Jackson.
We love you!

Champagne, Love, Happiness & Pastel Green

Yay! I will be attending a wedding this Saturday. I am so excited to partake in all the festies of a wedding, like the Bachelorette Party. The wedding eve parties, the heart-felt, touching wedding day its self and the high energy, full of life receptions afterward are always pleasurable, enjoyable and inspirational. I truly look forward to the day when I'm blessed to grace the aisle of a cathedral, meet and join hands with my life-long partner at the alter... Sigh...

Since, I am considered a special guest, I am advised to wear a pastel green dress. For some reason, I thought my perfect dress would be simple to find---I guess I was wrong. Pastel green is not one of the hottest colors for the summer, like turquoise is, so I have to strap on the fashionsita thinking cap and come up with a plan, to find the perfect dress for a special occasion. The perfect dress for me, may mean...CONSIGNMENT BOUTIQUE. Yep, consignment. I already have my eye on one sharp Betsy Johnson dress for only $29.00, if my on-line shopping fails me.

Check out the look-grid for a few dress options for a special summer occasion, especially if the dress entire is green. Also, If you plan to attend a wedding, anniversary party, baby shower, graduation, etc, please be beautiful and confident in your dress. Be joyful for those whose event you are attending, because if you haven't already been blessed with your social event, IT'S COMING, REMAIN HOPEFUL!