Royal Highness: The Mode Queen

who: LeToya Luckett
where: Honey Magazine
hobbies: Managing her boutique, Lady Elle
next project: Unveiling her own lip gloss line

Snippet from interview @ Honey Magazine

Honey: People have been comparing female R&B artists all over the blogs lately-- like Beyonce and Ciare, Rhinanna versus Keri Hilson. How do you manage to stay in your own lane?
LL:I think that there’s always going to be comparisons. All you can try to do is create your own thing. We’re women, so we all have a lot in common. We can only talk about a couple of things: love, relationships, how he did me wrong, he did me right, or I love him. A lot of us are sisters, but people are going to talk. You can’t control that.
Honey: How would you describe your personal style and the look that you're going for with this album?
I think that I just go with whatever fits good and how I feel at the moment. I love pencil leg jeans — that’s always been my thing.

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I love this! I did not recognize LeToya...