The Sage Continues, First Lady Michelle Obama wears Lanvin Sneakers

First Lady, Michelle Obama does it once again, without showing any intentions of giving in, to the black & white plain Jane style that majority of First Ladies in the past have worn. Once, First Lady, Michelle O has appeared on the scene, she has committed to her personal style; style of humbleness and professionalism, yet, fresh, fun and couture. Personally, I admire First Lady Michelle for keeping it real with her style and not trying to be conservative and boring, just because she is the First Lady. First Lady is definitely an inspiration to not only me, but thousands of Queens around the world. She exemplifies what a superwoman is...

Since, Michelle Obama has became the First Lady of the United States, she has given the media a run for their money, and caused fashion designers to broaden their design creations, to fit a more fuller and curvy lady. Lanvin, one of the hottest french designer labels, where blessed to have the opportunity for First Lady to wear a pair of their suede and metallic sneakers;costing a nice buck of $540.00. On Wednesday, April 29th, Michelle was spotted with the sneakers on in Washington D.C. at a food bank.

If you love French designers, check out the website for Lanvin.

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