Pantene Pro V Looking for Fresh FACES!

Casting Call: Want to be a Pantene Pro V Model? Yes
Are you a Pantene product user? Yes
Healthy, Gorgeous Hair? Yes
Then submit a 3 minute video...!

And, that is exactly what I did! Thanks to my lovely mother, who was the producer of my video, I was able to submit my video and join the casting call for Pantenes' next fresh faces. I am so EXCITED about the possible opportunity of becoming a spokes-model for a national campaign ad! If I receive a phone call this month about being selected-- It will be a dream come true!

Watch and see why I would like to be the next fresh face of Pantene Pro V!

No laughing @ my video!


Candice said...

Tasia, girl you hair is gorgeous!!! You would definitely be a great spokes model. They would be crazy not to call you!!! lol. I'll be pulling for you too!!! Take care.

Candace said...

I am SOOOOOO proud of you and what you're doing with this blog and I agree with the other Candice, Pantene would be crazy not to call you back...beautiful on the inside and out...

Queen T. said...

Well, my two sweet and beautiful Candances(Candices), I did get the call, Pantene chose me out of over 1000 women, who submitted their photos. This is a dream come true, by God! Campaign is set to launch June 2010