A Beautiful Book, An Unforgetable Journey

While in Borders, I took a journey through the desert sands of Egypt to the sparkling snow of the Russian tundra, traveling the globe like royalty through the tales of fourteen dazzling princesses!

What a journey I had, such a beautiful journey...I meet Nukka, the Eskimo Princess, Taia, the Tahitian Princess, Rehani, the African Princess and so many more across the globe.  The royal excursion was phenomenal and sweet, as I flipped across the pages of the book that created a real-life illusion. As if I were jet setting across the globe, visiting each princess and engaging in their culture.

This literature should be a bed side must for all young girls across the globe. The illustrations are created for all ethnicities and cultures for young girls to identify themselves with. I believe this book is not only healthy for self-image, but educational. Whoever decides to take a journey, while reading this book, will be in for an amazing treat! Although, fairy-tales are untrue, the truth about this book is that ALL young girls from every background, race, country, and ethnicity are surely Princesses of the Wold!

Aiko, a Japanese Princess

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