Anniversay Wishes!

Happy 1st Year Wedding Anniversary! To Sasha Fierce, Beyonce & Mr. Carter, Jay-Z. True love, Happy love, Genuine love, really makes me happy! On the other hand, I am not celebrating the jean outfit trend. Look at the old fashion trend B and Jay were wearing back in 2003. Do you remember the fit baseball caps, whole piece jean outfits and jean jackets with the hoodie? I do.Personally, I hope the jean trend never reinvents itself, there are some styles I can welcome back, but for some reason...The jean style kills me! relief(sigh) This is more like it! I can gladly welcome these trends of fashion back with open arms! I love the look Beyonce is wearing (top image), freaky shoes, a simple dress, along with a fitted black leather jacket.
Sexy, Sophiscated & Spicy, is all I can say about this photo.

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FAPORT International said...

Looks nice, cool outfits..i like all:-)