April Showers, dll.rainwear.Flowers

Does your personal style and fashion suffer from the gloom and doom of the rain? Well, mine does!

Rainy days for me are such a fashion disaster sometimes, because the rain has a method of damping my overall style for the day. The rain can be tricky, if not, mercifuless. It can change that style intended for clear skies, into a sloggy pie. For instance, when my wet, sticky stockings are suffocating my legs, or, when my natural hair becomes lion mane, with massive frizz. It can be FRUSTRATING and ANNOYNING!

Here is my equation I use:

Rain /Thunderstorms= Tennis shoes, baseball cap, & lounge wear

But this spring season, I am really going to work on not basing my 'today I'm going to wear'...decision off the weather conditions. Surely, you can still dress cute in the rain.

DLL Rainwear proves it!

Remember: When its raining, the sun does SHINE soon after, whether outside or in life.