Eat and Drink towards RADIANCE

Queens, its skincare time! I really heart the idea of having healthy, radiant skin. And, I hope you do too. Skincare has always been an interest to me, especially dealing with teenage acne in high school--It sort of shot my self esteem down. However, no dwelling on the past, it’s the present and future now and healthy, glowing, radiant skin is obtainable. First, by simply what we deposit in the human bodies. Through experience, I found certain foods were toxins to my skin and caused breakouts. So, since, I do not have health insurance to see a dermatologist, I just started playing the role for my own skin. Listed below are some awesome sources for radiant, glowing, natural skin that you could add to your diet. Try some!

1.Fish consist of Omega-3s, which is good for your body. Naturally, Omega-3s cannot be produce within the body, so adding an Omega-3 supplement to your diet, wouldn’t hurt. The Omega-3s act as lipid barrier-- capturing moisture. Salmon, Cod and Tipilia are sources of Omega-3s. I love SALMON!

2.Green Tea is an excellent antioxidant for your skin. Its fights against inflammation, aging and reduces ones risk of skin cancer. I love GREEN TEA!

3.Broccoli, yummy! This veggie is powerful. Broccoli consist of Vitamin A that decreases oil production, Vitamin C that detox, and Vitamin K that helps heal bruises.

4.Safflower or Sunflower Oil another excellent source of preventing dry skin, like Omega-3s in fish. Safflower/Sunflower oil is an Omega 6 fatty acid. You can use sunflower oil to sauté your salmon.

5.Almonds are a wonderful snack with great benefits. Almonds consist of Vitamin E. There are studies that show eating a hand full of almonds, will add moisture to the surface of your skin.

I truly believe in the saying, "you are what you eat."


.Blank.Bare.Clean. said...

Great tips!

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Anges said...


Thanks for sharing such wonderful post! Hope all your tips brings some changes to my skin.

Queen Tahj. said...

Hello Anges- Thanks for your support. Please revisit for more helpful tips that you could use. Let me know if you see any changes. Give your body time, but I know you should see some improvements. Be Beautiful-

T said...

This is some good stuff, i'm actually gonna try them out. Expect broccoli.....