Royal Highness: The Angelic Queen

who: Halle Berry
where: Harpers Bazaar, May 2009 Issue
hobbies: Gardening, swimming, & daughter Nahla
next project: Nappliy Ever After

Snippet of interview with Lauren Brown @ Bazaar

LB: What's your next project?

HB: There's this movie called Nappily Ever After. It's beautiful, funny, but has a deep message about women. Women slave for their hair! It's all about how we compare ourselves to other women, how we size ourselves up. It's a look at this one woman's life, and she goes through this metamorphosis when she gets rid of her hair. Not only does she feel different, but people treat her differently. She's now more like an alien than the hottest chick on the block. She's got to reboot and discover who she really is.

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Chic Chocolate said...

Love this pic of Halle!!