Brazilian Waxes, Are They The New Razors?

Queens, its that time of year again...The time when body hair removal is a MUST! Throughout the winter months, I would sometime skip my shaves...legs, that is...But now that summer is almost here and my swimsuit is still calling my name at the store and my shorts are anxiously waiting to be worn, shavers are a MAJOR NECESSITY! However, two things that really irritate me about shaving with razors are skin nicks and RAZOR BUMPS! Razor bumps are so not cute. Shaving with razors creates folliculitis that are inflammation of hair follicles that appear as an eruption of skin surrounding hair or pores; resulting into annoying red bumps, or pus like bumps. Ewww!

So, why not
trade the razors for waxes, a BRAZILIAN WAX!? For some of those, who are unfamiliar of what a Brazilian wax is, three words--NO HAIR, WHATSOEVER! All the hair is removed from your genitals to your buttock area only leaving a strip of hair in the front. Can someone say painful? Not only can the wax be painful, but there are some health concerns. Since, the Brazilian waxing is removing hair from an area with a lot of bacteria; there are possibilities of infections. If you are considering a Brazilian wax, please speak with with your spa technician about:
  1. If the wax has been reused.
  2. Treatment for negative reaction from the wax.
  3. If the spa technician has a valid cosmetology license, if not, RUN asap!
Recently, there were two women hospitalized in New Jersey after getting a Brazilian wax, so, be safe if you do.

Enjoy, the bareness!

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Kentucky Cosmetology CE said...

"If the spa technician has a valid cosmetology license, if not, RUN asap!" this statement made me LOL. Well I do get your point that if they are not licensed what's the point of going to the shop to have it done right? You can just to it at home since I am not license as well. I mean the fact that we went to the shop we wanted to have it done by a professional.