The Fit, The Comfort , The Swimsuit Dilemma

Summertime is near and I am in the process of finding the perfect fitting swimsuit. Year...after year...swimsuit...after swimsuit... I never felt 110% comfortable in my swim wear. Why? Well, it's all about the FIT, PERIOD! One of my rules in fashion is that if the shoe fits wear it--meaning if the fit, fits PERFECT wear it with no questions asked. But, when it comes to selecting swimwear I do ask A LOT of questions. When shopping for swimwear, my issue is that I can find bottoms to fit, but not a top that will give the coverage and support I need. When I try on swimsuit tops I am always frustrated, because 1.) the large size tops are still too small 2.) I don't have enough support--sagging is not cute, and 3.) It seems like there isn't really any sexy swimwear for heavier bust women, just the bra style tops in black and cream! Huh, NO!

After doing some research, I stumbled across a video from Glamour Magazine that offer some helpful tips on selecting swimwear that best compliments the different body shapes. From pear shape, to plus size, to heavy bust and more Glamour's Executive Fashion Editor, Suze Yalof Schwartz will share the secrets to finding the sexy, complimenting swimsuits we so desire.

I hope you find the video helpful, I did. Enjoy!

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sinful bikini said...

I like the design and the style! :)