It's A Official!

Two days ago, I received my legal document to travel aboard, my passport! Yes! Now, I know some of you are saying, "Wow, she's late, I've been there and done that". I know, better late than never. The opportunities of traveling the world psychically and experiencing culture, fashion, beauty and Queens of all walks of life is endless. I am so excited! Actually, a few hours before I received my passport in the mail, I was discussing with a friend about how I can't wait to travel around the world in the future and go to London asap! A couple of my friends, who has traveled to London in the past, return home and express an urgency to visit London. So, I am and I will.

My list of U.S. cities to visit is coming along well and my international list will be created, scheduled, explored and checked off, PERIOD! No questions asked...

Although, there are no plans yet, to travel abound to experience life, culture, fashion, beauty and diversity. I will continue to explore through the World-Wide Web...

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The Sartorialist!

SYDNEY, 2009

PARIS, 2009

PARIS, 2009

MOSCOW, 2009

MILANO, 2009

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