Southern Belles: Louisville

'' All the single ladies..." Yep, this one is for us... Move over Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County and New York and show some SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY to the newest reality show, Southern BELLES: Louisville!

My hometown is the map! Yay!For Kentucky.
I am counting down the minutes until SOAPnet premieres the newest reality show on the market. Finally, Louisville,KY has gained the respect to join the list of states, who are recognized as the host city of an reality show. Southern Belles: Louisville will share the lives of 5 fabulous, sexy and single women between the ages of 24-34, who balance career, family, friends and love the southern style way.

Tune in tonight! May 21 @ 10pm EST/9pm CST
I hope the show isn't bootleg...

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SpkTRUTH2Pwr said...

WOW! Louisville really is on the map now! haha