Strong Bones, Strong Women: 9 Essentials...

....that Milk provides for women and our families.
  • Calcium: builds strong bones and teeth; reduces the risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis. Plays a role in promoting normal blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D: "sunshine vitamin" help support a healthy heart, normal blood pressure, healthy aging and help regulate the immune system.
  • Phosphours: works with calcium and vitamin D to help keep bones strong.
  • Ribovalin: helps convert food into energy. Plays a vital role in the development of the nervous system.
  • Protein: helps build and maintain lean muscle; the high quality protein in milk contains all of the essential amino acids (the building blocks for protein).
  • Vitamin B-12: helps maintain the central nervous system.
  • Potassium: helps regulate the balance of fluids in your body, maintains normal blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A: supports good vision, healthy skin and maintains integrity of immune system.
  • Niacin: helps enyzmes function in the body.
got MILK?

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