Farewell To A Fashion Icon and Music Legend, Micheal Joe Jackson

July 7th 2009 marks the monumental event of Michael Joe Jackson's life. As millions tuned into their local news and national broadcast, we witnessed an extraordinary movement, the celebration of the life and legacy of M.J. While watching CNN news, I found myself reflecting over my life and wondering what type of legacy and impact would I leave to the world...And honestly, I feel I can do more giving, while I still have my beautiful life.

To me, Micheal Jackson will not only be a music legend, but a fashion icon.

Militant Unique


Fall 2009 Collection, Designer, Balmain

Fall 2007, Designer, Givenchy

One of my favorite vintage classics of MJ

Fall 2009 Collection, Designer, Castelbajac

May you Rest In Peace with the Heavenly Father, Michael Jackson.
We love you!

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