Shape-Up the Skechers Way!

Skechers Corpartion takes the next step to introduce the new style of fitness footwear. And, I must say, I think the new fitness footwear is fashionable, yet benefical. I plan to purchase a pair of the Shape- Ups, so that I can run errands while maintaining my fitness fashsionablely.

Skechers conducted a 6 weeks case trial testing on the benefits of Shape-Ups with several particiapants, who wore the Shape-Ups during their regular daily activities, along with a walking program and their usual diet and excerise regimen. Listed below are so interesting results:

  • an average weight loss by our participants of 3.25 pounds
  • an overall average improvement of body composition (reduction of body fat) of 1.125%
  • an average improvement of glutei strength by 41%
  • an average improvement of low back endurance by 37%

Visit Skechers to learn more about the benefits of Shape-Ups!

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