Royal Highness: Doctor Stiletto Queen

Podiatrist, professional gymnast for over 13 years, fitness expert and stiletto lover...

who: Dr. Emily Splichal aka "Dr. Legs"
what: Founder & lead instructor for the fitness series Catwalk Confidence & Stiletto Recovery
next project: expanding her business to international markets

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shuzsociety: What/who inspired you to create the Catwalk Confidence business?
Dr. Emily: Catwalk Confidence is my way of combining both of my passions – fitness and podiatry. After 8 years in fitness, I started to develop my own training style and question the current trend in fitness training. I noticed a need for a workout that would re-educate women (and men) on proper posture and body alignment, improve balance and stability, and bring an awareness to the way we carry ourselves and walk. All the exercises of Catwalk Confidence specifically target muscles that are needed for posture, balance and gait with a special emphasis in the role the foot plays in stability and health.

shuzsociety: What feature would you like to see added to women shoes to support healthy feet?
Dr. Emily: Custom orthotics! Every foot is very unique and because of the position the high heels put the foot in – if we could reduce the pressure that is placed on the ball of the foot and limit pain specific to each foot type! The gel inserts for ball of the foot are great but they are just cushioning not really addressing the problem of forefoot pain in heels!

Queens! Let's take care of our feet, please!

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