Back in the days, when I was a kid, you could find me and my sisters wearing fresh white KEDS sneakers with pretty dress socks. As we aged and reached pre-teens, KEDS fell to the waste side, as did my parents wallet, from buying other shoes such as, Filas, Dione Sanders, and Reebox. Which were considered the "cool kid" shoes. After wearing the Fila, Dione Sander high tops and Reebox, I have realized the classic style of KEDs shoes and have been reunited.

KEDS over the years have kept their original identity,which I can appreicate. Along with a little splash of color, inspiration from fashion, pop culture, art and past 1970 NBA sneakers. The wide variety of sneaker designs can fit all types of personalities. But, if you cannot find a shoe, KEDS gives you the option to customize your own sneaker. How  exciting!The sneakers, I believe are the true definition of comfort meeting fashion, with an affordable price that I am sure a lot of people could appreciate.

Check out my top picks, then visit KEDS to pick ours...
Let's be KEDS again!

Champion Oiled Canvas $55

English Brogue

Champion Satin $50
Champion Fall Stripes $55

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