Overcoming OWL Fears

Often times,overcoming our fears,can be dealt with by just confronting-- upfront, period. Well, after shopping over the weekend I realized how scared I was of owl necklaces. And, not exactly sure why, but for some reason--I just am!So, to overcome my fears, I am going to shop around and buy a pleasant looking owl to wear. Do you have any fashionable fears?

Hoot and Holler Necklaces, Modcloth.com (14.99)

Coral Articulated Owl, Topshop.com (18.00)

Leafy Owl Necklace, Forever21.com (5.80)

Owl Pendant Necklace, Forever21.com (5.80)

 Magnify Owl Things Necklace, Modcloth.com (34.99)     

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