Yogurt is Multi-Purpose!

One of my FAVORITE snacks is yogurt. I enjoy strawberry-banana, chocolate mousse and kiwi flavors, with a bit of granola sprinkles blended in, YUM! I believe yogurt to be a healthy snack you can add to your diet, especially if you are on the run, or, if you don’t have time to enjoy breakfast in the mornings. Yogurt has many wonderful health benefits for your body 1.) It assists in regulating the digestive system and 2.) Acts as a gentle chemical peel for your skin.

WHAT?! You may ask. You can use yogurt on your skin as an exfoliation cleanser? Yes. You read right. Dermatologist Researchers have discovered that yogurt can be used on the skin, to promote a smoother skin texture, by gently peeling off a thin layer of dry skin. How? Well, yogurt contains lactic acid, a naturally alpha- hydroxyl acid that promotes a smooth skin texture.

So, would like to see true results...Here's how:
1.)Apply a thin coat of organic plain yogurt to your washed face, like a cream.
2.)Leave on for about 15 fifteen minutes; show your face off with cold water.
3.)Afterwards, add a moisturizer to the skin.
4.)If you experience redness afterwards, add a cold pack for 10 minutes.

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