Royal Highness: The Flawless Queen

who: Amerie 
what: Chatting about new relationship album with Honey Mag 
when: 11.23.2009 
next project: Focusing on herself, doing her.

Snippets from the Interview with Honey Magazine

HM:So I want to talk about the album, In Love & War. What is it all about?
Amerie: It’s pretty much about the ups and downs in a relationship. Not so much the ups, but it’s more about the downs of the relationship or coming to the other side after going through trials and tribulations. It’s definitely a less idealized viewpoint of relationships — just the things that we go through to grow as individuals, being individuals and being in a relationship and what that means.

HM:Did that change how you approach relationships?
Amerie: Yes, because of something that my Dad always told me a long time ago. A guy is always going to show you his cards. Whether you choose to look at those cards for what they are or whether you just choose to act like you don’t’ see them, a man will always show you his cards. So don’t act surprised later when something happens, because you saw it already in the beginning and you chose not to heed that. And that is really true. So how did that change me? I didn’t hang around and try and figure a guy out a million different ways, like maybe this or maybe he was sick or maybe he just whatever. It’s like, it is what it is. We’ve got to start wasting time and energy on a situation when there’s nothing to figure out. And we tend to do that all the time. We’re so good at that.

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