Awarness is Beauty.

New Year, healthier and better you, right? I sure hope so! For me it is... and so, I decided to continue my healthier me from 2011 and ample 2012 up a little higher...Probably going to participate in another mini marathon--or two and complete a full 60 minute hot yoga session, without stopping and resting 20 times! What will be your healthier YOU plan for 2012?

If your unsure about your plan, no worries. There is enough time to make a positive impact on your body. Plus, it's never to late to start--whether now or sometime in May, that is... As long as, you make a commitment to yourself, to become a better YOU! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for Women has made a joint commitment for every woman, by creating an annual Women Health Calendar, full of goodies! Every woman will be informed about common health concerns, risk factors for disease, and ways to take charge of their health!

If your interested in prioritizing your health and keeping up with monthly recommended office visits with a physician, visit to receive your free copy. Awareness is Beauty.

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