Beautiful Dreamer.

Happy Fresh 2012!

It's such a blessing to walk into another year, with a hopeful spirit, full of excitement for what will take root and spring forth this year! I sure do have a heart of expectancy from the Most High God, my friends, family and self within. I am declaring that this year will be a year of perfection, full of abundance! Forgetting the shortcomings, failures and disappointments of 2011, and charging forward into growth, improvement, accomplishment and LOVE!

Carolyn Malachi, who is such a radiant artist, sings its best in her video "Beautiful Dreamer". An inspiration of hope and believing in YOU! Also, showing the obstacles of beginning a greater you, by the bullying of a nine year old girl.I recommend that "Beautiful Dreamer" should be placed on repeat on your play-list... To reaffirm your potential, power, and position.

I'll save the treat, just wtach & LISTEN!

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Carolyn Malachi said...

Thanks for posting, sis. May this year be your best yet. Onward n' upward!

- Carolyn Malachi