Fabulous Findings Under $100

Old Navy Trench Coat, $49.50
Fred Flare Water Color Dress, $64.00

Nine West Brown Strappy Wedges, $89.00Arden B. Floral Sun Dress, $58.00GAP Camel Flats, $40.00Wet Seal Boyfriend Blazer, $39.00

You had me at, FAREWELL...

One of the hardest lessons I am learning, is that you have to sometimes KISS the things you love GOODBYE in your life. Whether a relationship, job, addiction, crowd of friends, etc, everything has its season; a season for awhile, or a season of a lifetime. I believe, if you let something go you love and it returns, then that's how you know it's for sure, it's for keeps in your life. Letting go is difficult and easier said than done, but capable of doing. If there is something in your life you need to kiss goodbye, kiss it and walk away BEAUTIFULLY! Things take time, so be patient with yourself.

Source: China Vogue, April 2009
Model: Shu Pei (Next Models)

Yogurt is Multi-Purpose!

One of my FAVORITE snacks is yogurt. I enjoy strawberry-banana, chocolate mousse and kiwi flavors, with a bit of granola sprinkles blended in, YUM! I believe yogurt to be a healthy snack you can add to your diet, especially if you are on the run, or, if you don’t have time to enjoy breakfast in the mornings. Yogurt has many wonderful health benefits for your body 1.) It assists in regulating the digestive system and 2.) Acts as a gentle chemical peel for your skin.

WHAT?! You may ask. You can use yogurt on your skin as an exfoliation cleanser? Yes. You read right. Dermatologist Researchers have discovered that yogurt can be used on the skin, to promote a smoother skin texture, by gently peeling off a thin layer of dry skin. How? Well, yogurt contains lactic acid, a naturally alpha- hydroxyl acid that promotes a smooth skin texture.

So, would like to see true results...Here's how:
1.)Apply a thin coat of organic plain yogurt to your washed face, like a cream.
2.)Leave on for about 15 fifteen minutes; show your face off with cold water.
3.)Afterwards, add a moisturizer to the skin.
4.)If you experience redness afterwards, add a cold pack for 10 minutes.

Land of The Queens: Lakshmi MENON

Queen Tahj is dedicated to celebrating queens from all over the world, through culture, diversity, beauty and fashion. Therefore, I am presenting our first diverse, unique individual, Queen Lakshmi Menon from Bangalore India.

Queen Lakshmi is a model represent by Ford Models. She was born in 1981 and begun modeling in India in 2006. Besides modeling, her other interest are film and reading novels.


The Indian culture intrigues me, along with the latest designers, who are starting to design using elements from the exotic Indian culture. I love the rich embroidery costumes and lavish jewelry, especially the sari, which is the cloak worn around the women of India. I plan to visit the Taj Mahal Palace one day, after all, it was bulit for a queen, Queen Mumtaz Mahal.
Source: Dazed & Confused Magazine, April 2009.
Photographer: Josh Olins

Queen Tahj's Style- Running Errands

Got Gem Stones?

BOLD & BULKY rings—my favorite type of accessory.
Rings have the ability to add a sleek look to your hand.

Eat and Drink towards RADIANCE

Queens, its skincare time! I really heart the idea of having healthy, radiant skin. And, I hope you do too. Skincare has always been an interest to me, especially dealing with teenage acne in high school--It sort of shot my self esteem down. However, no dwelling on the past, it’s the present and future now and healthy, glowing, radiant skin is obtainable. First, by simply what we deposit in the human bodies. Through experience, I found certain foods were toxins to my skin and caused breakouts. So, since, I do not have health insurance to see a dermatologist, I just started playing the role for my own skin. Listed below are some awesome sources for radiant, glowing, natural skin that you could add to your diet. Try some!

1.Fish consist of Omega-3s, which is good for your body. Naturally, Omega-3s cannot be produce within the body, so adding an Omega-3 supplement to your diet, wouldn’t hurt. The Omega-3s act as lipid barrier-- capturing moisture. Salmon, Cod and Tipilia are sources of Omega-3s. I love SALMON!

2.Green Tea is an excellent antioxidant for your skin. Its fights against inflammation, aging and reduces ones risk of skin cancer. I love GREEN TEA!

3.Broccoli, yummy! This veggie is powerful. Broccoli consist of Vitamin A that decreases oil production, Vitamin C that detox, and Vitamin K that helps heal bruises.

4.Safflower or Sunflower Oil another excellent source of preventing dry skin, like Omega-3s in fish. Safflower/Sunflower oil is an Omega 6 fatty acid. You can use sunflower oil to sauté your salmon.

5.Almonds are a wonderful snack with great benefits. Almonds consist of Vitamin E. There are studies that show eating a hand full of almonds, will add moisture to the surface of your skin.

I truly believe in the saying, "you are what you eat."

Royal Highness: The Angelic Queen

who: Halle Berry
where: Harpers Bazaar, May 2009 Issue
hobbies: Gardening, swimming, & daughter Nahla
next project: Nappliy Ever After

Snippet of interview with Lauren Brown @ Bazaar

LB: What's your next project?

HB: There's this movie called Nappily Ever After. It's beautiful, funny, but has a deep message about women. Women slave for their hair! It's all about how we compare ourselves to other women, how we size ourselves up. It's a look at this one woman's life, and she goes through this metamorphosis when she gets rid of her hair. Not only does she feel different, but people treat her differently. She's now more like an alien than the hottest chick on the block. She's got to reboot and discover who she really is.

Recession? PAYLESS

I plan to visit Payless soon to pick-up a few shoeies for the spring and summer. I know Payless is not your Ninewest, BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Fendi, or Aldo, but, Queens the PRICE & STYLE seals the deal, PERIOD. No questions asked!

Over the years, Payless has revamped their creative designs, by adding some talent to the design team that would gave the company a competitive edge. alicia + olivia, Abaete' and Lela Rose just to name a few. The buy one, get one 1/2 off sale excites me! So, please check-out the deals that won't cash steal.

If the clutch purse has literally clutched up, due to the recession,
Payless can be your fashion confession.

M.A.C. is saying "Hello Kitty"

All across the world millions adore the sweet, cute and innocent icon, Hello Kitty. Yes, millions...young and old adopt the icon as a fashionable, tangible accessory. M.A.C cosmetics decided to spicy up little Miss Hello Kitty from cute and innocent, to a Kitty on the PROWL in a SASSY way, unmistaken in the M.A.C way. M.A.C. has introduced four limited edition lines Hello Kitty Kouture, Hello Kitty Wild, Hello Kitty Mild and Hello Kitty Accessories, just for the Hello Kitty Lovers. This collaboration of glitter and fanciful girlie-divaness will turn the girl next door into the prowling, sassy women of the universe.

Strength Beyond Measure

You have the STRENGTH! Use it!

TopShop Hits U.S. Soil!

In September of 2008, I was introduced to a UK clothing store, called Topshop. After receiving an amazing pair of shoes and tunic top for my birthday, Topshop and I instantly fell in love with each other.

Topshop is a fashion savvy, cutting edge, British High Street style store. I consider Topshop as the upscale sister to Forever 21. Although, Topshop is a little more expensive than Forever 21, Topshop is still gentle on the wallet, especially the SALES! Hopefully, Queens, you will experience love at first sight, as well, with Topshop. You will find all sorts of goodies that you can use to express your personal style. From shoes to skirts, dresses to purses, accessories and more, there is something special just for you. Also, Queens, there is a Topshop for men. So, check-out the site for savvy fashions for your lover boy. Enjoy!

478 Broadway and Broome NY, NY 10013

April Showers, dll.rainwear.Flowers

Does your personal style and fashion suffer from the gloom and doom of the rain? Well, mine does!

Rainy days for me are such a fashion disaster sometimes, because the rain has a method of damping my overall style for the day. The rain can be tricky, if not, mercifuless. It can change that style intended for clear skies, into a sloggy pie. For instance, when my wet, sticky stockings are suffocating my legs, or, when my natural hair becomes lion mane, with massive frizz. It can be FRUSTRATING and ANNOYNING!

Here is my equation I use:

Rain /Thunderstorms= Tennis shoes, baseball cap, & lounge wear

But this spring season, I am really going to work on not basing my 'today I'm going to wear'...decision off the weather conditions. Surely, you can still dress cute in the rain.

DLL Rainwear proves it!

Remember: When its raining, the sun does SHINE soon after, whether outside or in life.

Anniversay Wishes!

Happy 1st Year Wedding Anniversary! To Sasha Fierce, Beyonce & Mr. Carter, Jay-Z. True love, Happy love, Genuine love, really makes me happy! On the other hand, I am not celebrating the jean outfit trend. Look at the old fashion trend B and Jay were wearing back in 2003. Do you remember the fit baseball caps, whole piece jean outfits and jean jackets with the hoodie? I do.Personally, I hope the jean trend never reinvents itself, there are some styles I can welcome back, but for some reason...The jean style kills me! relief(sigh) This is more like it! I can gladly welcome these trends of fashion back with open arms! I love the look Beyonce is wearing (top image), freaky shoes, a simple dress, along with a fitted black leather jacket.
Sexy, Sophiscated & Spicy, is all I can say about this photo.


I ABSOLUTELY admire the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, because it serves as a catalyst of change, against the stereotypical image the media has stamped upon women. The campagian launched in 2004 as a global outreach for women of ALL ages, sizes and shapes to recognize the REAL BEAUTY a woman posses as unique, and perfectly designed human-being. Often times, women attempt to mode and shape their image, according to what society praises as beauty: thin, young & blonde.

DOVE's mission: To make more women feel beautiful everyday by widening the stereotypical views of beauty. Now that's AWESOME!

Love the skin your in...If not, it's possible to do so...
Real You, Real Beauty!

Shades of Sass for the Sunshine

For some reason, sunglasses seem to add a splash of sexiness to your overall look; whether you are wearing heels and a skirt, or, just simply wearing yoga pants and a racer back tank top. Sunglasses have the ability to make you look like a very important person, in which Queens, you are! What I love most about sunglasses is the protection they provide against the scolding hot sun. Ultraviolet lights are invisble rays from the sun that can be dangerous to your health. There are three types of ultraviolet lights: UV,UVB & UVC .UVB is the ray of sun that burns the skin and damages the eye. So, please ensure that your fabulous eyewear has UVB lens. Also, sunglasses give you the option of people watching without them seeing you scoping.

I want some vintage style sunglasses, and I know just the right place...

If you are planning to shop for new shades, remember, the key to sunglasses is the FIT! Make sure the sunglasses of your choice frame your face and compliment your wonderful features!

P.S. I do not like this style of sunglasses. Do you?

True Inspiration: Sexy Scientist

I ABSOLUTELY love this video! One of my dearest friends, sent this to me for pure motivation...I found it as hard CORE inspirational! I believe you can have more than one passion to pursue and be successful at all, PERIOD! If you have a dream to do more than one thing, DO IT! Don't set limitations on your ability, talent and skills.

Engineer, Fitness Instructor & Model

Now, who said BEAUTY & BRAINS didn't go together?

OPI: Outstanding Polish Inventor

Yay! It's springtime! You know what that means...scandals and bi-weekly manicures and pedicures, FAITHFULLY! Today, I was treated to my first manicure and pedicure of the spring season, by my lovely younger sister. I was so excited! My nail salon visit was well overdue and greatly anticipated. For some reason, I always have a hard time picking a nail color and always end-up using the same shade on my toes and fingers--fuchsia. However, a new shade caught my eye "Done Out in Deco" "deco"meaning dent shade of arty lilac by OPI. Deco is featured in the Spring/Summer 2009 collection, South Beach.

I love the swimsuit, its FIERCE! "Clubbing til Sunrise" and "Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot!" are up next.
What colors will you try?

Dictionary of Fashion: My DEFINITION

FASHION!... The mere thought pumps passion, fervor, enthusiasm, zeal, and LIFE throughout every vessel in my body! In it I have found my PURPOSE! This purpose first revealed itself to me upon cat walking in my mother’s oversized pumps, utilizing her makeup to explore my own beauty, and sewing FIERCE couture for my very own Cabbage Patch Dolls! Modeling is an art that I have respected, celebrated, and studied meticulously since childhood! Personal style is FASHION at its best! Therefore, my heart and soul’s desire is to share with the WORLD the immense confidence that is a result of accepting one’s personal style and SELF! Queen Tahj--

Welcome, Queens!

You have arrived at the right place...A place were diversity, culture, beauty, fashion, health, uniqueness, dreams, aspirations, creativity and talent is CELEBRATED! I encourage you to discover the beautiful and designed person that you are, with great talents, breath taking beauty and the POWER to succeed and the CONFIDENCE to conquer. This experience will be a royal one, as we explore queens all across this world, through fashion, beauty, health and much more.

Remember: b. FIERCE, b. FEARLESS, b. FABULOUS in your OWN unique way!

Hail, Queen ____! (you fill in the blank)